Day Three & Four: Durango, CO

We took 84 from Santa Fe into CO and it was beautiful! We started to see mountains and awesome valleys. The red rocks was breathtaking and I loved seeing all the southwestern style houses. We stopped in Pagosa Springs for a break and ate lunch at Borde Rio Riverside right by the river and it was really good! We checked into the Westerly RV park just north of Durango and chilled Wednesday night outside. We went on a walk, made dinner and had smores. We have an awesome view of the cool train that goes by our park and the kids loved the whistle!

We woke up early and headed out on 550 to visit Silverton and we’ve never seen such amazing beauty! We stopped a few times along the way and explored. Found some campsites we’d love to bookdock at one of these days. My stomach dropped a few times while driving, seeing the drop off on the other side! But it was worth it for the amazing views!

DSC_3259 copy


We ate lunch at the Handlebar Saloon in Silverton and the kids loved looking at all of the walls covered in animals. The kids spent some of their money their grandma gave them and we got some ice cream. Then it was onto Ouray! This was my favorite place so far. What a story book looking town! I can’t imagine living there and waking up to that beauty every day.  We had some drinks at the Ouray Brewery and sat on the rooftop, surrounded by a waterfall and mountains on every side. It was perfection! Kris flew the drone all over and he is going to make an epic film at the end of this summer, I just know it!



We are sad we don’t have longer to stay in CO but we want to keep making our way NW. So tomorrow, it’s back on the road again and we’re headed to Moab, UT. We’ll stay one night (thankfully since it’ll be 100 degrees!) and then make our way through UT, ID and OR to get to WA by Tuesday.

We’ll be back to Ouray for sure though. Maybe next summer!

Rock on!

The Lezons

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