Day Two: Santa Fe, NM

The drive in to NM was uneventful and we were smooth sailing until we hit Santa Fe. We found out very quickly that it was not a RV friendly town. We were planning on staying overnight at a REI in the parking lot and boondock it for the night. We found out that REI has no parking lot. We then went to a Walmart down the street and they didn’t allow RVs overnight either, even though the couple of apps I have says they do.

Lesson learned: always call ahead and check! We ended up finding a RV park just north of Santa Fe and stayed the night there. But their sites were so unlevel that both of our front tires were way off the ground and we have no blocks to use like trailers do. So we decided to just pull the jacks up and keep the slides in. That was tough to do! We were fully hooked up but couldn’t put our slides out. And a huge storm blew in overnight and it was so windy! I am so glad we chose to stay on the ground because that would have freaked me out!

The only good thing we saw in Santa Fe was the amazing sunset. And I was told by a camper there that I could get fined by the Tribal Police for taking a picture of the sky. What?! Thankfully, I didn’t get caught!

So we won’t be back to Santa Fe but it looked like a cool town. On to Colorado!

DSC_3247 copy

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