Day Five: Moab, UT

It was a super easy drive from Durango to Moab on 160. We went the easy way to make it easier on Falkor and Kris! We made it in about 3 hours and the views were incredible! It got hot fast so by the time we were setting up at the OK RV Park (totally lives up to it’s name) we were a sweaty mess. Thankfully, it’s getting to where we can get everything done (hooking up sewer, water and electric to leveling and putting slides out) in about 15 minutes. Not bad for newbies!

We ate lunch in the RV and rested before we headed 15 minutes down the road to Arches National Park. It’s $25 to get in for one car and I think it’s worth it. But if you are going at the end of June, bring lots of water, sunscreen and a hat. It was SO hot! And when you get to the popular sites to see there, you have to park and walk a good ways to get to them. I wouldn’t take little babies or kids for sure. We thought we brought a lot of water but ran out quick!

It’s a beautiful place, not sure I’d ever go back. But we are glad we went. Kris was extremely bummed they did not allow drones. His dreams of flying through an arch were dashed quickly when he read that.

I did get some pics of our couple of hours we spent there before I thought I was going to have a heat stroke.


We’ll only be staying tonight, heading to SLC tomorrow to boondock it at Cabela’s. And then we’ll be at the dunes in ID Sunday. Going to be a fun weekend!

Rock on!

The Lezons

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