Day 6/7/8 – Utah and Idaho

We drove up to SLC and stayed at the Cabela’s in Lehi which was a really nice boondocking spot. The kids shopped at the outlets there and we went into the SLC downtown area to eat at the Red Iguana and we went to the City Center shopping area and saw the temple. We had to do laundry so that Saturday wasn’t much to write about but it had to be done!

The next morning we set off early and made it to Bruneau State Park in Idaho. It was hot so we stayed inside for most of the day and then went to the dunes a little before sunset. It was SO fun! I loved the views around the dunes. They have an observatory there too and on Friday and Saturday nights, they do viewing there through their telescope so you can look at all the stars. We slept with our back window drapes open so we could see the awesome sky at night. The kids had so much fun sliding down the dunes on their boogie boards and Penelope, our chihuahua had the time of her life running around in the sand.  We had the best time! Little did we know tomorrow was coming!


We woke up early this morning and was planning to go to Baker City OR today, on our way to Leavenworth WA. Dad and the boys took the bikes out once last time and they were racing around a road that went slightly downhill. EJ wasn’t wearing his helmet and hit a patch in the road that was uneven sending him face first to the ground. I heard the screeching and ran outside to him in the road. I just knew it was bad, his teeth are chipped in the front, has road rash all over him. And when I picked him up, I could tell he was in shock, he was fading in and out. Kris was beside himself because he felt like it was his fault. Hearing his Daddy cry and me so upset, Elijah looked up at me as I was carrying him back to the picnic table and he said “I love you Mommy and Daddy.” He was so out of it but knew we were upset too and I just wanted to take all of his pain away and wish we could go back in time 5 minutes and things be different. But we couldn’t. It was then he said he couldn’t feel his right arm and we looked at it to see it was visibly broken.

We were out in the boonies, nearest town with a hospital was 30 minutes away. We were supposed to be checking out in a few hours but we all packed up in the car, and started driving. Finally getting in reception area, I called 911 and they led me in to town and we got a police escort which EJ thought was cool. He had x-rays down and a CT scan, all showing clear, except for the arm. Clean angled break in his humerus. They were originally saying that he would need to be transferred to Boise via ambulance and have surgery. We were of course freaking out, worried over Elijah who did NOT want to have surgery, he was so scared. But also, this would have ended our summer plans and it was a hit to the gut. It was everything, all at once and it was overwhelming. Hearing him screaming in pain even after tons of pain meds almost did me in.

But Kris and I just stopped and prayed and broke down before the Lord and gave Him the reins. We couldn’t do it on our way and I am so thankful He doesn’t want us to. We prayed boldly for different news once the pediatric orthopedist saw the X-rays, that he wouldn’t need surgery or need an ambulance. We knew God had this and when Kris left to make some calls, I turned on some worship music and EJ and I worshipped and sang right there in the ER. He fell asleep then and I just kept praying and worshipping and believing. The Holy Spirit was in that room with us and then I started praying not only for my baby but for the other people I knew were there in the ER. I could hear a heroin addict sick and another person with a trauma. I prayed for healing to flow through that whole place and it was amazing! The doctor came back and said the doctor in Boise didn’t think surgery was necessary and he wanted to see him tomorrow so he didn’t need to be rushed over. He told her to press on it so the bone goes back into place and set it in a splint. And that’s what they did, after they knocked him out that is. So weird seeing your child asleep but feel what they are doing, react to it screaming in his sleep, flopping all around but then not remember a thing. Kris couldn’t watch. I was Momma Bear all day and somehow, I was able to talk to him calmly, kiss his legs and calm him down so they could set it.

I prayed for strength and I realized when you pray for strength, it’s not a one time thing. I prayed over and over and over and over again. And He gave it to me every time I needed it. He gave me what I needed even though I was spent, had nothing to eat all day and was stressed beyond belief. But I got to tell you, Anna and Isaac were amazing. They HATED seeing their brother in pain, Anna prayed in the car over him. Isaac let him play with his fidget spinner. They sat in the waiting room most of the day because they didn’t want to see him in pain and they didn’t complain one bit. They didn’t try to get attention or make it about themselves. They just loved on their brother and it was beautiful to see. They truly are better together than they are on their own. When one is hurt, they all hurt.


This was a tough day but at the end of it, I know it has brought us closer together as a family and with the Lord. The kids saw a miracle today and they know through seeing it that God was with us.

So we are in Boise tonight with an appointment to see the orthopedist tomorrow and we are praying we can get out of there with good news of no surgery and just a cast. Thanks to everyone who prayed for us today. I love that when I put it out there on social media that he was hurt, love was poured over us. Elijah is one tough little dude. He has a broken arm still and isn’t complaining one bit.

So, onto a new tomorrow. I am so glad His mercies are new every morning. He is the God of miracles and we believe in Him! To Him be the Glory!

Rock on!

The Lezons

1 thought on “Day 6/7/8 – Utah and Idaho”

  1. i still can’t hardly believe ma lia but i do know the very gracious good lord has had his hand all of this ma lia big hugs to not only a i for u n kris but most especially to e j he was so very very very brave ove all of u v v v much. nan n gg nan


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