Day 11 & 12 : Seattle

We made it to the PNW finally! We got the clear from the Boise doctor to travel and we headed out to Baker City, OR right after that. We’ll be getting Elijah’s cast done here in Seattle at Children’s Hospital on Monday. Until then, we are exploring this awesome city!

The only really bad thing I’ve found is the traffic! Other than that, I love it. If I could handle the winters, I’d live here.

We are staying at the Saltwater State Park in Des Moines and it’s our best campsite yet. No hookups so we are boon docking for 6 days but it’s amazing! We are surrounded by forest on every side and a short walk down to the water. It’s beautiful!

We drove in to Seattle today and hit Discovery Park. We took the long way around to get to the lighthouse so we hiked a good bit. But it was so pretty, it was worth it. I love everything about the ocean so once I could see that blue in the distance and smell the salt air, I fell in love! We’ve never seen a light house before and it did not disappoint. I could do session after session at this place!

We found some lunch at a great pizza place and then went to visit the Fremont Troll. We stopped by Theo’s Chocolate and got some goodies which was awesome! And spent an hour or more driving home. That sucked!

We’ll be hanging out tonight and then the boys want to hit the Flight Museum while Anna and I do some shopping.

Can’t wait to explore more in the city!


We’ll be back with more goodness from Seattle!

Rock on!

The Lezons

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