Days 13-16: Saltwater State Park

I can’t express enough how much we love this place. It’s our first attempt at boondocking for longer than a night and it’s been easy so far. Makes it easy when you have amazing weather and don’t need to run your A/Cs!

It has been mostly sunny the whole time we’ve been here and the highs have been around 75 degrees. Perfect!

This is the beach where we are at and last night, it was an epic sunset. We played in the water, Penelope ran like a crazy dog all around the sand, the boys skipped rocks and we watched the sky turn all kinds of different colors. It was magestical! 😉



We’ll play more here for sure since we’ll be camped here until Thursday. Highly recommend this park! Today, the boys went to the Museum of Flight and Anna and I went shopping in the Fremont neighborhood. Tomorrow, I have a couple of sessions booked at the park and then we’ll try to do more sight seeing. And then Uncle Rob flies in to spend the 4th of July with us! We are so excited! More pics to come!


Rock on!

The Lezons

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