Days 15-18: 4th of July, La Push, Cape Flattery and Rialto Beach

Kris’ brother Rob flew into Seattle and spend the 4th of July with us! We walked around downtown and had lunch by the water. We watched fireworks at the Des Moines State park and was able to see all the surrounding cities fireworks show on the Puget Sound. It was so weird watching fireworks all bundled up with blankets! But we loved it!


The next day, we drove to our site in La Push and it was amazing! When we drove around the bend and I saw that coastline in the distance, I almost cried! Such a gorgeous view with the mist coming off the water, the cliffs and rocks jutting out, the birds zooming around. And we were right on the beach, just like we’ve been dreaming of. I’m bummed I didn’t get any pics of it with my good camera so cell phone pics will have to do!


The next day, we drove an hour and a half north, all the way to Cape Flattery. This is has been on our list of must-go places since I saw it on Instagram over a year ago. We hiked through the forest to get there and that was awesome in of itself. And then, you start to see blue between the trees. And all of a sudden, a paradise opens up and you just stand there and stare in awe and wonder. Well, at least I did! I kept saying, “Babe! Babe!” It didn’t seem real finally seeing this special place in person. This whole trip has been a dream come true but seeing this place took the cake. It was the cherry on top and I doubt anything will come close to beating it as our top spot we’ve seen the whole trip.


That evening, we went to Rialto Beach which is right next to our RV park and walked the 2.5 miles down the awesome beach. Another amazing beach in the PNW with huge rocks and driftwood, but this one has an arch you can walk through if the tide is just right. Thankfully, we caught it just in time and were able to make our way through, Penelope and all, to get our picture through the arch. We explored, wrote in the sand, found cool marine life, laughed and got wet. It was an epic ending to the best day ever. One we won’t forget for sure!


I love this area and there is so much we didn’t see. Maybe we need to plan another WA trip next year!

Rock on!

The Lezons


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