Days 19-21: Lake Quinalt

We drove South on 101 and found a campsite on Lake Quinalt which was a pretty spot. Cute little store and restaurant at the lodge. The kids got in the lake even though it was cold. We parked right next to the world’s largest Sitka spruce which was pretty cool! We drove a little ways and found a waterfall and rushing river. Hiked through the rain forest and found another awesome waterfall, climbed up the rocks and sat with our feet in it. All alone, just the Lezons in a waterfall. It was another moment I’m keeping locked up forever.


The one bad thing about living backed up to the woods is the critters. We picked up a couple mice while staying here but thankfully we got rid of them quickly! Oh the joys of RV living! It’s certainly not easy but we’ve never been happier or closer as a family. So I’ll take that any day over comfort and normal.

Rock on!

The Lezons




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