The Dark Side of RVing

We’ve been on the road one month now, and we’ve seen some beautiful sights. We’ve seen colorful desert sunsets, cool art, new downtown skylines, trees that seem to reach the sky, beaches with landscapes straight out of a movie, rainforests and lakes, and even wild animals. It seems at every turn we are “Wowing” and “Awwing” over something. It’s been like a dream.

DSC_4855 copy

But in the midst of all of that, we’ve had some mishaps along the way. You get to see some amazing things while traveling but RV life is hard work.

So I decided to write about the Dark Side of the RV life! 5 mishaps that have happened along our trip the last month that thankfully wasn’t as bad as it could have been. And I still believe, it’s really all the kids fault. If it weren’t for the kids, we’d be smooth sailing!

In order of extremes, least to worst:

    The first night of our trip, when we got to Amarillo, I realized that our fridge wasn’t cooling like it should. Mind you, we had a fully packed fridge, ready for our trip! When I started taking some stuff out, I noticed that the cooling unit was frozen over. After googling, we figured out we needed to let that thaw out by turning the fridge off and then turn it back on and let it cool again once the ice was gone. We were leaving the next morning so we were stuck. We have a RTIC cooler we carry with us but it wasn’t near big enough to keep all the cold stuff in it. So we had to go buy coolers at the Love’s and a ton of ice and try and salvage all of our food while we turned off the fridge and thawed it over night. It still wasn’t thawed in the morning so we had to drive with a bunch of food in coolers that next morning!  Good news is the fridge works perfectly now! Had no clue you needed to do that every now and then!
    Yesterday, we got to our site and set up. We put the chairs out and Kris got the wood out and ready for a fire that night. He also put the tablecloth on the picnic table and to hold it down, he put Citronella candles on each end. He ended up lighting them since we were outside. The kids had taken out food and were eating their dinner out there. I had given them some paper towels. I think you may be able to guess what happened next. They finished eating but just like my kids, they don’t pick up their trash or worry about paper towels laying around. We decided to walk the trail down to the beach and thankfully Kris turned around and noticed the wind had blown the paper towel on top of one of the candles and was on fire. It fell off before we could get over there and proceeded to burn my tablecloth. If we had left and not noticed the paper towel there, we could have caught the whole table on fire, RIGHT NEXT TO OUR HOME! So lesson learned, double check your site before you leave it. Especially if the Lezonlings have been there. RIP tablecloth!
    We thought we had prepared for mice by putting Irish Spring soap everywhere. We thought it was weird but read that it kept them away so what the heck! We bought soap and put it everywhere. The thing is, we didn’t only get mice at our spot by the lake in Washington, we had one on our bed!!! I heard scratching late at night but I thought it was the lady next to us and we went to bed. A few hours later, I woke up to more sounds but these were very close to me. I remember sitting up really fast, which woke Kris up and he said, “What is it?!” And then I felt the covers move on me and I flew off that bed! I didn’t know I could move that fast but one minute I was sitting on my bed and the next I was in the kitchen yelling at Kris, “What is it?!” He’s still half asleep trying to turn the light on and then he throws the covers off and here comes scurrying down the floor, a little mouse. Our dog is barking, I’m screaming and the kids are scared. We can’t find it after that. But after trying to find that one, we hear others. Yep, there is one in the kids snack drawer because there is an open bag of crackers in there. See, it’s all their fault! So it’s 2:30 in the morning and we are trying to catch these things but we have no traps. Lesson learned, always travel with mouse traps in case you need them at 2:30AM. We caught one the next night in our room. The other one traveled to Cape Disappointment with us and we never heard him again. He must have fallen out while traveling or he’s died and we just don’t smell him yet. But we’ve checked everywhere and don’t see “Jerry” anywhere. Yeah, we nicknamed him Jerry because of Tom and Jerry.
    When we got to Pacific City OR yesterday, we had to park way down the street from Pelican Pub because it was packed and no room for Falkor. So Kris parked and I pulled the car behind him and waited for them to come get in the car because I was going to drive us over. Everyone started piling in the back, the boys first and then Anna comes carrying Penelope. I got on the phone to call the restaurant to see if there was a wait. Kris got in the car, I heard car doors close, started talking to the lady who answered, and then I started to pull out and around to the left to go back to the restaurant. Then I hear EJ screaming “WAIT WAIT!!” I’m still on the phone, look around to see what’s happening and see that the back door is open and Anna is not in the car. I am in the middle of the street with cars coming! Kris is yelling at her, “Get in the car! Hurry!” I’m still not sure what happened but she didn’t get in the car when we all did and was still out there holding Penelope. Thankfully, I didn’t run over them or anything. She ran and got in the car quickly, of course crying. You see, this isn’t the first time Anna has gotten mistakingly left behind or lost. She’s still scarred by getting left in the elevator at a hotel when we all got off and there she goes with the elevator by herself when she was 5! I’m just glad I didn’t run over her foot or God forbid, Penelope. Now, when we get in the car, I yell out “Everybody in?!” These kids are going to be the death of me I swear!
    We all know the story by now about Elijah’s accident and emergency room trip. But man, it was hard dealing with that on the road, not in your own city where you are used to things, not around your family that you know would have come to help you. But we all know it could have been so much worse. Yeah the medical bills are going to suck and probably cause us to not travel as much as we wanted to this winter. But really, it could be so much worse. And it happened to the right kid. Not that I want my EJ to be hurt, but he hasn’t complained one bit and I know the other two would not have been so easy-going about this whole process.
    It’s been really hard having to go to get X-rays in different cities and helping him shower, get dressed, basically everything. But it could be so much worse and that’s what I keep reminding myself. We are resilient and tough and it’s really showed me what we are made of as a family!


Even though there are hard parts to this life, man I wouldn’t trade it for anything! We are living our dream right now. We are making memories every day and I hope this is the first of many trips like this. This is our last week here in the PNW. Next Sunday we make our way down through CA to I-10 and then back East, all the way to Florida! It’ll take us about 2 weeks to get to FL so we’re taking our time and we’ll do even more fun stuff. But I know we will miss this place and be dreaming of when we can make it back to the PNW.

Praying we don’t have any other mishaps this next month but if we do, oh well! We’re big Bob Marley fans and as he sang, “Everything is gonna be alright!” Keep traveling, keep exploring, keep living the dream!

Rock on!

The Lezons


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