Days 22 & 23: Cape Disappointment, WA

We drove down the 101 to Cape Disappointment State Park with “Jerry” the mouse in our RV. We didn’t hear him that night at all and all of the traps that we set that night were never touched again. We figure he didn’t make the journey and fell out somewhere along the way. RIP Jerry!

The campsite was awesome and we finally got to bust out our new hammock! Someone loved it more than us.


We met a really nice family next to us but the sites were grouped together in a pod. So there was a large circle where 6 sites were, all large spaces but trees were in the middle and along the path to the beach. There was a trail to the beach but it went all the way around our pod (we were the furthest away) so us and the family next to us walked along the tree line to get through the back trees, making it a shortcut to the trail. The two campers who had sites right next to the trail did not like this at all, even though we weren’t technically walking through their site, but trees. The bad thing was, they gave us evil looks when we walked by together as a family, but when the kids walked on their own, they told them in a not friendly way that that wasn’t the path and they were not allowed to walk there. After this happened a couple of times, and my daughter coming to me and crying, Mama Bear had enough! The other 2 campers there were so awesome and friendly and didn’t care one bit that we were all in a shared space and we all walked through each other sites (on the edges of course). I went up to the man who was causing all these problems (he actually was sitting in his chair, facing the trail, not his site, so he could get on to people) and told him (unfortunately his heifer wife was inside and didn’t come out even though she was the one rude to my daughter), “Hi! We’ll be walking along this tree line to get to the beach from now on because this isn’t your site. OKAY?!” With a big fake smile on my face of course! And all he said was, “Yeah alright.” It was our first experience with not so fun campers and I’m not really sure the point of their vacation, if that’s the only thing they were doing is watching people not walk on the trail like they thought they should. So this kind of ruined this park for us. But we got amazing drone footage of the lighthouse and we met another cool family from CO so it’s all good!



I didn’t get many pics here because it was the coldest spot we’ve been at so far so I stayed away from the beach most of the time because of the wind. But we did drive in to Astoria OR and check out the Goonies house and had amazing food. We loved that town!



All in all, it was a cool park and I loved the small coastal towns in between the park and Astoria. Glad we came, just because of the drone footage we got!

Our last spot in WA had a sour note but we love the state so much and want to come back for sure next year. There is just so much more to see and do!

Rock on!

The Lezons


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