Days 27 & 28: Bullards Beach State Park, OR

We had a long travel day when we checked out and drove from Portland to Pacific City on the coast. We made it around lunchtime and wanted to check out Pelican Bay Restaurant and Brewery. But we couldn’t find any parking for Falkor so we ended up parking way down the street on the side and everyone eventually followed suit. It’s a cool restaurant on the water with awesome views. The food was okay but Kris got some good beer and a cool shirt so he was happy!

We almost ran over Anna and our dog Penelope but let’s just skip past that part.

The drive down the 101 is something I’ll never forget. Every turn was jaw-dropping and I wanted to stop everywhere! We settled on the Devil’s Punchbowl in Otter Rock and it was really pretty! I can’t believe people were in the water surfing!

We landed at Bullards Beach State Park and it was another good spot. We went the first night (after almost burning down the picnic table) on the trail to the beach and realized after walking for awhile that it was like 3 miles to the beach! Not an easy walk either because it was on sand but we made it and it was so worth it when we went over the hill and saw the beach.



The next day we went to the city of Bandon and walked around their cute little downtown. We also went to the beach and got to see the cutest harbor seal laying out in the sun. It was cold and so windy but the views from lookout were amazing!


Totally forgot to bring my camera so all I got is iPhone7 shots but it’ll work! Bandon Beach was amazing, as is all of the PNW coastline. We already want to go back! So many memories we made, so many awesome sunsets we enjoyed as a family together, so many stores eaten! This is what this trip was all about and it was better than we dreamed it would be.

Now onto California!

Rock on!

The Lezons

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