Days 24-26: Portland/Columbia River Gorge

We spent 3 days in this area of OR because we wanted to see waterfalls! And boy did we!

The drive from Astoria to Portland is really cool. You drive through the Tillamook State Forest and it’s just so pretty! We drove in and stayed over night at a rest area just south of town. We had a lot of errands to run so we did that when we get in that day and I’m glad we just boondocked for the night. But we got to see a side of the country that I didn’t really know existed. Travelers…drifters…road people. Caravans of them. Stuck in the 1960’s I think but to each his own! We just stayed inside and headed out early the next morning to Sandy Riverfront RV park. Really pretty spot on the river. Pretty tight spots but they are the nicest in town so they can charge the big $$. We checked out the historic drive to the falls and we had the best day, hiking and exploring and getting awesome pics and video. I got to shoot a session while I was there too which made it even more awesome for me!

The views from the Vista House are breathtaking. All around you is beauty and you just want to stay and soak it all in.


You really only need a couple of days here and that’s what we did and felt like we saw everything. We had amazing weather and it was really one of the highlights for me. We just don’t have anything like this in Texas so seeing waterfalls everywhere is just so opposite of what we are used to!

Highly recommend this area! Any of the falls are great but of course Multnomah Falls is the most crowded. You can’t go wrong in this area, wherever you stay I bet.

Now onto the OR coast!

Rock on!

The Lezons

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