Days 29-31 : Trinidad CA

The one RV park I as most looking forward to was the worst one of our trip. Go figure!

Emerald Forest Cabins has a video on their awesome website and it makes it look like the best place ever. And maybe if you get a site big enough for your rig, it is. But they put us in a 30′ site and we are 35′ long. The sites were right on top of each other with little room to drive down the roads. Our site was so unlevel it took us a good 30 minutes to get the blocks right so we could level. The staff was not helpful, overworked and not friendly at all. The only good thing about this place was that our traveling friends came and joined us and surprised the kids. We had a blast hanging with them on the beach, at dinner and around the campfire.


The city itself is beautiful, another awesome coastal town! The beach is killer and we took a hike around a small little mountain that gave you amazing views of the ocean, town and harbor. It never got above 60 degrees when we were there so at night, it was pretty chilly!

The redwoods are amazing and I wish we had more time to explore them. You feel so tiny when you are walking around in those forests. I’ll never forget the stillness around them, like they held age-old secrets. Crazy beauty!



Next time we’re in Northern CA, we want to drive down the 101 longer and check out the wine valley. Next time!


Rock on!

The Lezons

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