Days 32-35: Redding CA

Since our whole idea to downsize and live tiny came from the Bethel Conference last year, we figured we had to stop in Redding and go to Bethel Church! It was a cool church but busy and we didn’t see any of the worship leaders we love but nonetheless, the worship was amazing and the message right on.

But man that town is HOT! And the town while pretty mountains surround it, it’s full of drifters and not so well-off people and it seemed like that was everywhere we went. Weren’t really impressed by it at all just because we didn’t really feel safe. But other than that, it was fine!

Another awesome thing happened…I got to see my friend and college roommate, whom I haven’t seen in years! She drove up from Davis and we had a blast eating, talking, laughing, quoting movies and playing cards. I wish we lived closer to her because I miss her much. My heart hurt when she left me. It’s a rare thing to meet someone your soul connects with and that is her for me. There will never be another Jessica for me! 😉

2017-07-21 18.17.30-1-1

So I doubt we’ll be in Redding again unless it’s for something at Bethel. But no more RV trips!

Rock on!

The Lezons

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