Day 38 & 39: White Sands National Park, NM

We stayed overnight in Tucson at a casino for day 37 and tried to check out the Airplane Boneyard but just missed the last tour. We did drive by it and it is a really cool place! We’ll have to go back for sure. Kris loved it because we were parked right next to an airport and we saw tons of planes, jets, and even A-10’s flying over us. #planenerd

The next day we drove into NM and checked in to our RV park in Alamogordo. Definitely the most barren place we have stayed yet. I didn’t even check in with anyone, you just pay your fee and put in an envelope and drop it in a mailbox after you pick your spot. Kind of scary but we survived! It was only a 10 minute drive to White Sands so it was perfect for us.

White Sands was a really awesome place and we went right when it opened to avoid the heat. It was cloudy and perfect and of course we rented the discs and wax to slide down the dunes.



White Sands is a must see if you are in NM. I’m not sure we’d ever go back since we saw it all but I recommend it to anyone who hasn’t been. Pretty crazy to see all that white sand in the middle of desert.

We also drove up to Cloudcroft that evening and checked out the cute town. Loved that you could be in 90 degree heat down in Alamogordo and then drive 30 minutes up the mountain and you’re in the 60’s! It was really pretty up there, I would definitely go back up there. I found out later my grandparents used to vacation there every year; I never knew that!

NM is a really cool state. The desert surprised me. It has an unusual beauty and the colors are muted and blended together perfectly. Layers upon layers of mountains and ridges, each one a different color, some faded and almost translucent looking. Another moment I won’t forget, watching the mountains around me fade colorfully and magically into the distance as I drove by. We’ll definitely be back!

Rock on!

The Lezons

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