Day 42: Bracketville TX

When we left Marfa, instead of getting on I-10 and taking that into San Antonio, we were invited by some traveling IG friends to visit them in Bracketville, a little town off of 90. We drove in and stayed at the RV park in Fort Clark Springs where they were camped. This was an awesome place, a mixture of houses and duplexes with a golf course, a natural spring and a cool RV park in the back. Our friends, the Hendricks, owners of the Giving Print  took us around in golf carts, showing us the property. We got to swim in the cold spring, have a picnic dinner there, saw huge deer everywhere and stayed up late gabbing and laughing and telling RV stories. Such a fun night! And they gave us a gift print of Joshua Tree which is awesome and hanging in Falkor now. The people we have met on the road and through IG have been amazing. Such a cool community! Wish we would have taken a pic together. You would think since Joe and I are both photographers that we would have thought of that, but nope!

Hope to see them again soon!

Rock on!

The Lezons

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