Days 40 & 41: Marfa, TX

I had always heard about Marfa, the cool artistic town in the middle of nowhere. I’ve seen photoshoots there and of course the Prada store and I knew I wanted to put that on our list of places to see on our way to Florida.

It is a strange little town, full of art galleries and cool little adobe houses. But you drive right through and think, “that’s it?!” No one is very friendly, they can tell who is not from there or is just a traveler that doesn’t “fit in” or “cool enough”. It had a very LA vibe to it; you had to “know people” to know where to go and what to do it seemed like. Even the galleries had a closed appearance, like “where do you even enter at?!”

We did find a cool spot to eat (after leaving the most uppity restaurant we’ve ever seen) and met the owner of a wine bodega that had just opened. Super cool spot, if you are ever in Marfa, check out Al Campo. It’s chill and laid back and all about a good time.

We won’t be back to Marfa but I did love Alpine and Ft Davis which are very close. That was a really pretty Texas desert area that I would love to go back and camp at. We visited McDonald Observatory while we were there and did a huge Mom-fail. I did not check ahead of time to book the night tour, it was sold out so all we could do was the daytime solar tour. Very cool place if you are into space and weather, definitely check that out!

Marfa, you are weird but not in a good way. Not sure why you think you can charge $900k for a 2 bedroom 1000 sq foot house but, okay.


Rock on!

The Lezons

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