Meet the Lezons! 

Kris – our Captain and leader. He is a big bearded man who loves his family something fierce! He loves the Florida Gators, discovering new music, craft beer, and anything and everything video. He is amazingly talented and truly has a gift from the Lord in creating beauty.
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Allison – the Navigator and planner extraordinare! She is a wife, mom, business owner, entrepreneur, photographer, and lover of sloths. Rapidly approaching 40 this year and life has never been better. Raising amazing little world changers and hoping to be one herself too.



The Lezonlings – 9 year old triplets, Annalise, Isaac and Elijah. Also known as Bananas, I-Man and EJ. They are smart, quirky, funny, outgoing, laid back, sports-loving little weirdos and they light up the room. They have embraced this nomadic lifestyle wholeheartedly and are so excited to travel full time. Roadschool here we come! #lezonlingsrock



Penelope A.K.A. Nellers – This little chihuahua is not your typical annoying, bark-happy, snippy chihuahua. She loves the Lezonlings, never bites, always gives kisses and is the best road dog! She wants to be wherever we are and camping suits her perfectly. Who knew?! We love her and can’t imagine life without her snarfing self.

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You can find our business on Instagram @silverbearcreative website is http://www.silverbearcreative.com or email us at info@silverbearcreative.com We will be posting our travel schedule and will be available for sessions as we travel this year!